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Human Engineering with Dr.Dee

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First keep it simple. One of the things I learned as an engineer is that in a complex system it is important to keep things simple. When in doubt follow the KISS method keep it simple silly. Our body is so amazing that we can definitely complicate things and we end up chasing the problem and never get an answer. By no means am I saying I have all the answers but know that you are your own best doctor and my job is to guide you toward gaining control of your health.

Movement is everything keep things fluid and it will last. Let me explain where there is movement there is life. This is true even in an object, for example let’s take a door hinge. If you have 2 separate doors and they both have rust( my example of arthritis ) and you keep one door shut for years and keep hanging stuff on the door ( lack of exercise and gaining weight) that door is going to be stuck and you will have a hard time opening it. But on the other hand what if you opened the door 30 times a day, and tried to lubricate it ( exercise for at least 30 min and eat proper diet) chances are that door will still open no problem, it may make some noise but for the most part it will be functioning.

Speaking of function- simply structure fits function. If the structure is maintained then the function will not be compromised, but if the structure is compromised the the function will also be affected. Take for example the Golden Gate Bridge, if the structure is not maintained by  dedicated crew then overtime the function will start falling apart and become dangerous to operate on.

To encompass everything : where there is motion there is life. To maintain function keep the structural integrity and remember to keep it simple. Keep Dancing my friends!!

Don't breathe to survive; dance and feel alive!!

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What I Specialize In


Oriental Medicine

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Functional Medicine

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Spa and Wellness

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Dr. Deepak Moosad is one of a kind. Not only is he a miracle worker when it comes to back pain, but he will sit down and chat with you for as long as you want about your issues and concerns. I left my first appointment feeling better than I had in weeks. I also gained tons of valuable information and a solid game plan on how to improve my back pain and overall health..."

- Thomas B.

"Dr D is the best.  He is super patient and explains everything. My husband has been dealing with different back pains and he knew exactly what the issue was and corrected it immediately. Even though we've recently moved to San Diego County it's still worth the drive to see him! Highly recommend this office!"

-Alice C

"Dr. Mossad and family have really helped me and continue too. I looked for a caring and compassionate Chiropractor who just doesn't crack ur bones, but who is knowledgeable. He goes above and beyond an internist/GP. Dr. Mossad was trained better than a MD in my opinion!!!!! He has addressed issues that my MD never thought of or bypasses.
It's hard to find a doctor who still has the passion, and wants to see his patients achieve optimal health."


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